Yogurt.....Ooooooooo La La!

With summer on it's way I'm always trying to find snacks and foods to keep my kids happy and full AND without the sugar overload.  This is one of thier favorites...mine too. It is SO easy and will make them feel like they are eating something they shouldn't be.

 We are lucky enough to have a local {relativily} dairy that produces an organic honey yogurt that comes in a 64 oz tub. I use this for lots of stuff. From smoothies to a tandoori marinaide.  It's great! 

I always have frozen fruit on hand as well....
I add frozen {or fresh} fruit to a small dish
Add yogurt {sweeten with a little honey or agave}
Add a git of sweet to the top
And voila!
Is it a dessert or a healthy snack?
I'm not telling!


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