Good food. Family Friendly?!

Food for the Family

We are always looking for good places to eat with our family. Traveling can present a marid of problems when it  comes to meal times.  We are creatures of habit.  When we find a place we like....we stick with it.   These are the things that we look for in a good place to eat.  I have also listed a few places that we found to be good matches for us.  You might like them too!

1. Kid friendly. 
They have a menu for kids or have something the kids will actually want to eat.
The staff won't be "bothered" by laughing, messy children.

2. Cost.
We have three children. We are on a budget but like good, fresh food.  We eat mostly all organic, so we get and belive "You get what you pay for".  If  paying for ambiance we usually opt out, unless we are somewhere phenomenal like the Hyatt in Poipu at sunset.  Only then will we pay $15 for  a medocre personal pizza.

3.  Snoot Factor.
Unless my husband and I are going out  by ourselves {rarely} we go out as a family.  All five of us.  One person in our family sits {sometimes) in a high chair, while throwing food on the floor.
If there are white table cloths with candles on the table, it's usually a deal breaker for us.
Often times after a long day in the garden we are famished and need a place to eat QUICK!  If a dress code is followed we usually steer clear!

Kid friendly.  The best Pad Thai, ever!
Always a winner and wont break the bank!


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