Disney Family

Last week our family went to Disney World with my mother and father in law. I had never been and my husband went when he was a child. Our children {8 and 4} had. a. BLAST! Not only were they at Disney World, they were hanging with "Nana & Papa" and it just doesn't get any better than that.

Nana and Papa have been to Disney World several times before, so they knew what to expect. My hubby and I, not so much. I'm thinking long lines, gawds of people, screaming kids, yucky food and the list goes on. And yes, we experienced all of those things but a minimum. It was January so it was not as crowded. Our kids did have a few melt downs and our son {the four year old!}decided it would be a good time to take up the habit of pouting. Overall they were all smiles and behaved beautifully. We did endure some bad meals but had a few REALLY good ones too. I have to say, I enjoyed myself far more than I expected. 

We stayed at the Shades of Green. It was great! It's exclusively for members of the armed forces and the only one in the contenential US.

You can check it out here:

My husband and I are hummmm how can I say this? Picky. This means we spent a lot of time researching and reading reviews on this place. My mother and father in law had never stayed here but made arrangements anyway. We were a little worried. The reviews were mixed. I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. It was beautiful and very conveniently located, the rooms were spacious and clean. The staff was OK {this was one thing that had negative reviews}. There are several restaurants and some were good and  My {MIL &FIL} have stayed at several Disney Resorts and felt that hands down this was the best value.  The down side is you can't get a meal plan.


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