Thinking about Christmas in July.

Well, not really, but kind of. I share a small booth space in a local antique/crafters mall with my Mom and we are constantly on the hunt. Doing this, I feel like I'm always looking for things for the next upcoming holiday. Sometimes I'm looking for Easter stuff in December or Halloween stuff in April, you get the idea. It can kid of take the fun out of celebrating the season. The next holiday is Valentine's Day. I will but some handmade cards in the booth, that's about it. What I'm really thinking about right now is Easter. I really love this holiday. It's such an amazing time. Flowers, egg hunts, baby chick and CANDY! I've been thinking about paper projects. I found this super cute picture

 over at "Graphics Fairy" you can find her here:
She has so many cute graphics. I'm sure you will find something that you {love} for whatever season it is.


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