These boots......and a few other things.

Ahhhhhh. Where has the time gone? I had every intention of posting days ago. Really. Days ago. Now it's Thursday. Wow, the time just feels like it is fling by me. So, as I learn about this blogging thing, bare with me as I go off on some randomness.........

Last weekend we ventured out to our small, 25' greenhouse. I forgot how much I love that place. It is such a wonderful escape.  When inside you can often forget that its a cold winter day outside. Our kids absolutely love it! Especially little Liam. {What little boy wouldn't love a chance to dig in the dirt?} It's such a great way to spend an afternoon together. Last weekend we spent a lot of time weeding and planting a few seeds.  The spinach, broccoli and salad greens are up and in a week or two we will be able to transfer some of them. This weekend we will spend a little more time weeding and starting more seeds. I would like to have a nice flower garden this year so I will start

{ Black Eyed Susan's: Calendula; Cosmos; Marigolds; Lark Spur; SnapDragons; Echinacea & Nasturtium}

This is a picture {self-portait}
 of my favorite boots. My husband gave these to me ten, yes TEN years ago {that pretty much sealed the deal for me} I LOVE these boots. Not only are they functional they are super cute. I know they have become a little trendy, but for this farm girl, ther're the best!

I also plan on making some vegtable soup this weekend. There is snow in the forcast and there is nothing better that homeade soup. My Grandmother made the best Vegetable Soup.  Everyone in our family would beg her to make......and she finally would. She would often turn up at Mothers' doorstep with several quarts of it,  only for it to be devoured in a few days. I loved making this with her too. Plain and simpile It's been almost a year since my Grandmother passed away. The last time I made this my Mom tried and said it was "as good as Grandma's" .  That warmed my heart.......comfort food at it's best! 

Hope your weekend is filled with something fun, relaxing and just AWESOME!


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