And so a blog was Born!

It's another beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest and where am I? Here at the computer. Ah, well I take my moments when I can! I have been thinking about getting this blog up and running for sometime now and NOW is the time. I will stop procrastinating and just do it!

When I have mentioned the desire to create a blog many people have asked "About what?". I've thought long and hard about this and well, I'm still thinking.

I do know this.....I always have projects going on. Some I think others might enjoy as well. I like to cook and try/share new recipes. I love to craft. I LOVE {love,love} to thrift. I mean, I really am a sucker for a good bargain.I LOVE to take pictures. {I'm a pathological picture taker} I love to connect with other mom's about issues that are important to me and my family. I LOVE a good blog. I have my favorites that I find inspiring. After reading one I felt even MORE inspired to create a blog. She suggested " to go for it!"

I have to say, I'm a little nervous about putting it out there goes.......

Welcome to "Vintage Farm Chic"


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